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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bouncing on the bed

Man, this was a full day I guess :). Tons of posts.

Okay, I forgot a great moment today. Reading one of Anita's posts reminded me. During that time that the boys were being quiet and playing in the other end of the house nicely, Anita was in here switching out some laundry. I had gotten up to get a drink and I went back to check on the boys to see what they were doing since I too had noticed them being quiet (read: not screaming or crying for mom or ...just not around). So, I go back to Conner's room and I walk in to see no sheets or blankets on his bed (Anita had been making the bed prior to this) and he and Zach are both standing up on the bed and Conner is jumping up and down chanting, "16, 17, 18, 17, 18, 16, 18, 17" - at least that's about what I picked up before I bust in (man I feel old) with, "CONNER! Stop that. Stop jumping on the bed. You're wearing your shoes. Stop jumping. You know you're not supposed to jump on the furniture, and you you're not supposed to have your shoes on in your bed."

I make him sit down and take his shoes off and then I tell him I don't want to see any more jumping on the bed. Well, as SOON as I step out the door and turn my back, I hear *creek creek* as the bed bounces. /sigh. I turn around, "Conner, stop. That's enough. Just because I'm not here doesn't mean you can jump on the bed. Don't jump on the bed at all, or you are going to be in trouble." Now, as soon, and I mean, as SOON as I finish saying this Zach (who is still standing on the bed) turns and looks at me and lets out this piercingly loud laughing wailing screech. Conner turns and looks at him and just busts out laughing as if in admiration. So, Zach now with his audience, turns at Conner and does it again. Conner turns to me and says, "Zach likes doing that." Of course. It's that simple.

I just turn and leave the room shaking my head, proud that my boys can at least play together and entertain one another.


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