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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Boys in the Bedroom

Well, Brad set this up so we could both "journal" about our family life. So here is my first entry.

Today is Wednesday, a Preschool day for Conner. He is always excited when I pick him up and our conversation is usually the same as we wait to leave the car line and on the way home. He gets in the car and tells me that he got a treat from Ms. Amy, he then informs me who did not get a treat. He says an excited hello to Zach who is reaching out to him. Conner and I then talk about his day and he informs me who got in time out or in trouble during the day. (I quickly try to respond with an explanation of why it doesn't matter what others were doing as long as he is behaving.) Then he asks what we are doing next, then after that, then after that, then after that, etc. until I have listed all of our next adventures through tomorrow morning.

By this time we are home. After treats and snack, the boys start to play. Today I was doing some housework while they were playing peacefully. I was hoping for 15 minutes of uninterrupted productivity. After about 25 minutes, I became curious/concerned. I could hear them the entire time and I knew they were OK, but I wanted to see what they were enjoying so much that they didn't feel the need to need Mommy for fun, like ususal.

They were in Conner's room just playing and having lots of fun. They were playing together nicely!!!!!!!!! That is why this deserves an entry. I think this was the longest time they played together without Mommy or Daddy having to intervene because one was purposefully pestering the other. Conner was hiding under his bed and Zach was on top of the bed. Zach would move closer to the step stool, and Conner would roll out from under the bed and jump out at him. This would send Zach into fits of howls and laughter, which would send Conner into hysterics. This was all so cute and funny that I had to put it on film. So I don't have any snapshots to post. I asked Conner what they were doing and he said that he had taught Zach how to play catch.

All I know is that this hit me 2 ways. One, I was so excited that they could play together for a decent period of time and have lots of fun. Two, they are growing up so quickly!!!

I want to apologize for all of my typing errors. I am a horrible typer, and I couldn't figure out how to get this spell check to work.


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