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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Conner Teaches Mama-T video games

Mom and dad stopped by yesterday out of nowhere. They called from the driveway, in classic dad fashion. Well, we had a really nice visit and went out to dinner together at Jim and Nick's BBQ. mmmmm cheddar biscuits.... so yummy. Anyway, so while they were here Conner got out his video games (V-Smile) and he and mom played with it for awhile. It was quite entertaining.

In this picture, I think Conner was telling Mama-T she had to watch out for the alligator. After mom had tried playing the same board for about 10 times after Conner had already finished it of course, she finally made it to the end with an exhausted sigh, "Whew, finally! I tell you Conner, I'm getting hot just sitting here playing this game." To which Conner touched the sleeve of her sweater and replied in that classic seriousness that only a 4 year old can pull off, "You could take this off if you're hot." Connerism #11938 :)

So, we had a good visit and yummy dinner and then watched some Home Makeover and Olympics throughout the evening.

Click here to see the full set of pics for the visit


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