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Friday, February 24, 2006

Eating Stickers

Yesterday was just one of those days. Anita had been out with the boys (speech, library) and when she got home I heard them in there running around and stuff. Then, I hear Anita come back through the kitchen and screech, "Zach! Did you throw up? There's puke all over the floor!" I then here Zach gag again, and then immediately I hear Anita make that standard gag reflex sound. Then I hear her saying, "That's why we don't eat stickers! Did you get it all out?" Of course she's now all in a frenzy because she can't stand being around puke (what a fantastically awful sounding word) without also gagging. So, I can hear this whole interchange in the other room of her yelling at Conner or Zach to stay back and not to step in the mess on the floor and the whole time she is saying stuff to them, she says like 3 or 4 words then makes that gag noise. So, even though it's not very funny at all, and I'm probably cruel, I'm in this room and after about 3 mintues of this, I'm laughing to myself because to me it sounds kind of like this, "Zach! This is why we *gag* don't eat stickers. Conner! Don't step *gag* in it. Get out of here *gag* No Zack! *gag* Go to the bathroom *gag* and take off your clothes. *gag*"

Well, she then takes them both and throws them in the bathtub and while in there, Conner keeps splashing after being asked to stop, so Anita gives him a swat on the bottom and of course he breaks into hysterics and starts wailing, which in turn sends Zach into a wail because big brother is crying.

By the time the bath is over and the kitchen floor is cleaned up, Anita comes out to the den to toss towels on the floor and I can just see that look in her eyes. That look that says, "One word, and I'll jump over that wall and stab pencils in your eyes." So, naturally, I just keep my mouth shut and let her vent about the situation. Which was definitely not funny. ... at least not to her.... not yet. :)

mmmmmm.. stickers.... so tasty


  • At 6:46 PM , Blogger Robert said...

    That is hillarious! Thanks...I needed a good laugh.


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