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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fixing the toilet

The handle on our toilet in the hall bathroom broke awhile back and Anita super-glued the arm back to the handle and actually it was a remarkably good fix because it lasted several months like this. Well, it fell off the night before last and yesterday I fixed it in the same manner using Gorilla Glue, because this stuff is supposed to be awesome. It was so awesome it only took about 16 hours for the arm to fall off again. /sigh

So, Conner and I ran out after dinner tonight to Lowe's to pick up a new handle. It was one of those really fun little Daddy/Conner outings that I always enjoy. He was in a good mood and even though he told me while we were driving there through the rain, "I don't like it when it rains on the weekends." You know, I think there's probably a song out there somewhere with those exact same lyrics. All I could say was, "You know Conner, me neither. I really don't like it when it rains on the wekeends either." Granted, today is Wednesday, but hey.. the kid has something.

We got to Lowe's and find what we were looking for - a new handle. As we are walking to the checkout and as he stops to look at something I prod him along with, "Let's go bud so we can fix this toilet you broke." (now, I now it isn't his fault, but was the one using it when the handle fell off so I wanted to see how he responded). He just said, "Not me. Zach broke it." LOL. oh me. So, I reply, "Wait a minute. Zach can't even USE the potty yet, how did HE break it?". He then tells me, "He was pushing the handle up and down like this - insert visual and sound effect of really fast pushing of the handle here -". /sigh. Yes, I have boys. And they are my payback for being me. It's okay though. It sure makes things fun.

So, we keep walking and then Conner tells me, "If we put Zach in the toilet and push the button then he would get sucked down and he would go outside." I'm guessing the cats should start staying long away from the bathroom.

Oh, and the )@&^ handle didn't fit. figures. back to Lowe's tomorrow night. But hey, maybe Conner and I can go together again, so it's all good :)



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