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Monday, February 27, 2006

A great old picture

This was one of the pictures that I found and scanned in. It was in pretty good shape, but I did just a tiny bit of color correction on it because it was off just a little. I love the photograph though and thought I'd share it with everyone. I'm going to make a photo post on the forum with all of these photographs with before and after shots when I finally get them all done so that everyone can see all the great shots restored.

Anyway, enjoy the photo. This is the whole crew circa September 1977. I'm guessing on the month, but it seems about right. The picture was taken at Lake Malone while we were celebrating Mom Mac and Grandaddy Clarence's anniversary. I'll get an exact date on it at a later date. The original is much higher resolution and probablya little better quality than this one. I compressed it at about 60% of the original quality and it is about 30% the resolution (size) of the original. I will make the original available to anyone that would like a copy of it though.

Front Row (L to R): JT Olsen, Paul Olsen, Maxie (Mom Mac) Yarbrough, Clarence Yarbrough, Clark Pollitt
Middle Row (L to R): Jim Teague (holding Brad Teague), Linda Teague, Bill Olsen (holding Chris Olsen), Trudie Olsen, Melvin Roberson, Bonnie Roberson, Arthur Yarbrough, Eilene Yarbrough, Georgia "Gigi" Hunt, Alice Pollitt, Jim Hunt, Basil Pollitt
Back Row (L to R): Tim Teague, Johnny Yarbrough, Mark Yarbrough


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