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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A nice dinner out

Anita's cousin flew into Nashville today for a training seminar that he has here this week. We drove downtown to tonight to meet him for dinner. We went to his hotel and he wasn't quite ready when we got there so we waited in the lobby for a few minutes. Just before Herbie comes down from his room Conner tells me he needs to go potty so we trot off to find the bathroom. Eventually we find it and go into a stall. As he is pulling his pants down I do the typical "clean check" of the potty and go to flush it and then grab a piece of toilet paper to wipe down the front edge so that he won't lean up against it as he goes to the restroom. Well, this is where it gets interesting. Why is nothing ever just easy with kids? As I flush it and start to reach for the toilet paper, Conner has his pants halfway down and tries to take a step forward. In doing so, he hits the tip of my shoe and since his pants are halfway down, he has no balance. So, he sticks his arms out to catch himself and shoves his right arm all the way in the toilet JUST before the previous occupants urine has completely evacuated. Greeeaaaat. So, of course Conner still has to pee, but now his hands are wet so what does he naturally do? Start to wipe his hands on his shirt. I scream out, "STOP!" and grab his elbows and tell him to just hold his hands up. To which, he puts them over his head and I'm shrieking, "NO. No good. It'll just run down your sleeves that way. Just stick your hands straight out to the sides." And that's what we wind up doing. Standing there with the hands at the side while he pees and then I pull up his pants and snap them for him and we both go and lather up from elbow to finger tips. I then try to wash his sleeve some too and so by the time we get done, he walks out with sleeves wet up to his elbows and I have no idea of the urine content in them.

Conner and I then go out and meet up with Anita, Zach and Herbie in the lobby. While Conner is talking to Herbie, I share the story with Anita to her complete disgust and then we leave to walk out to the car. Conner of course, as usual, has to grab the hand of whomever is our guest and at that point I lean over to Anita and say, "There we go. At least I don't have to hold the hand of Captain Toilet Sleeves."

We ended up going out to eat downtown and then had a really nice walk around the downtown areas. Conner loves the batman building as usual and made sure to tell us that Batman plays baseball on top of the two peaks at the top of the building. We told him there wasn't enough room for that, but he insisted, so we had to relent. I mean, I guess I don't actually know for SURE if he does or doesn't.

Then, as we were just about to our exit on the way home, Conner pipes up after several minutes of quiet, "That eating place sure was a long long way away!. I'm tired already." It is of course 8 minutes till 8:00 at this point and Anita and I are both thinking... "I hope you stay that way when we get home"

ps. Anita couldn't stand it. She made him jump in the shower when we got home before he could get in bed. =)


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