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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

French Toast

Well, this morning I wasn't feeling very well and after waking up at 6am and then again at 6:30 am and not being able to breathe at all from my nose and then my throat was killing me. I got up and took some Zyrtec D (which I have no idea if it was helpful at all or not) and then decided to go and lie on the couch since I could prop myself up higher and hopefully reduce drainage into my throat which might relieve some of the pain there.

I fell back asleep pretty well and the next thing I know it's around 8:00 and Anita is coming out of the bedroom showered and dressed. Then Conner comes and finds me on the couch and crawls under the blanket with me to "get cuddlewee" with me. I soon get up and go to take a shower, then come in and see that Anita has decided to make French Toast for breakfast. Conner has already finished by the time I get there and Zach is ready for a second helping. I start eating my breakfast and Anita works on making Zach a second helping that he asked for.

So, when Zach's second helping of French Toast is ready, Anita brings it over to him and puts it on the tray of his high chair (note: he's not completely in the booster seat yet.. we're transitioning). I am busy eating and notice Zach take a bite of his French Toast. Then, as I glance away, I catch a glimpse of him picking up his plate. I turn just in time to see him tip the ENTIRE plate over the side of the high chair and dump ALL the french toast right into the floor... the clean floor that Anita scrubbed corner to corner on Sunday. And here is where I have my parental "getting too old for this" moment. I exclaim, "Ne.....Morphe.....ZACHARY TEAGUE!" as Anita BUSTS out laughing at the stove because she hasn't seen what has happened yet and just hears me running down the list, starting with the pets names. Then, she turns and looks to see the French Toast all over her clean floor and just groans. Little Z strikes again.


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