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Monday, March 20, 2006

Mommy's Back

It was a long weekend, but a fantastic one also. Anita was away at Walk to Emmaus this past weekend and that meant of course that I was alone with the boys all weekend. Well, I wasn't exactly alone. Mom and dad came down to visit and help out with the boys since it was going to be such a hectic weekend.

Anita left Thursday night. Amazingly, the boys slept through the night really well for me that night. Zach didn't wake up at all which amazed me and Conner woke up only twice - once to potty, once to ask me to tuck him back in. Which of course, I was thinking, "If you didn't get OUT of bed to come tell me to tuck you BACK into bed, then you'd already BE tucked in." So, the night went really well though thankfully.

Friday morning, I woke up about 6am and got up to go to the bathroom. It was a bright, beautiful morning and the sun was streaming in my windows into my room and lighting up the place. I was very awake and kept thinking, "I should just get in the shower now, and get the day started good and early." which I immediately replaced with, "It's THREE hours till I have to take Conner to preschool. If he and Zach decide to sleep till 7:30, I'll be really upset about missing that hour and a half of sleep." So, I went back to bed.

6:15 rolls around and Conner comes in after having gotten up to go potty, to show me he has a hangnail on his toe. I tell him I'm sorry about that, and we'll fix it later. In the meantime, go lie back down. He asks me to tuck him back in and I do so. About 15 minutes later he comes strolling back in my room. Well, I'm awake and I sort of lift my head to look down at him as he walks in. He isn't really paying attention to me yet. He just has his hands on his hips and is pacing back and forth at the end of my bed. Then, he stops right at the foot of my bed, looks straight at me and says, "It's TIME to get up!"

I reply with "Who says?"
Conner didn't know what that meant and says, "What?"
I come back with, "Why do you say it's time to get up?"
At this point, he throws his arms in the air and shouts, "BECAUSE THE SUN IS UP!"

I just start dying laughing and tell him to "get over here boy" and I drag him into bed and he cuddles up with me for about 15 minutes until I decided to get up and take my shower.

It was such a funny and beautful way to start a morning.

We had a great weekend. Mom and dad brought some new toilets down for us. We had them pick them up for us at a place in Owensboro, KY and we are planning on putting them in sometime in the next couple of weeks. The first one, of course, to be our hall bathroom because we are having issues with it.

The boys loved being around Mama-T and Papa-T all weekend. Dad picked up a potato gun at the gun show for Conner and we had a good time shooting it off of the deck and starting to teach him gun safety. Dad also brought down a children's gun safety handbook for Conner that we are going to go through with him. We'll see how mama feels about the potato gun later :). Really though, it is fairly harmless, but that of course makes no difference to us. We believe in gun safety in all forms so that there is no threat of danger when the stakes are much higher. I can shoot a potato plug maybe 30-40 feet with it... maybe... so, we're not talking something with a tremendous velocity here.

While dad was at the gun show on Saturday, mom and I and the boys ran around to do some stuff. We got back home right at lunch time and I decided instead of trying to cook something and make it take even longer till lunch, we'd just all run out to Arby's really quick, pick up a few sandwiches and bring them back to the house to eat. It was a good plan. All the way up to the part where we returned home and I realized I had locked us out of the house. oops. Left my house keys on the counter. So, we wound up having to drive over to Dave and Jenny's to pick up a key so we could get in to eat our no longer very warm lunch.

Anyway, I'm just rambling I realize and none of this stuff is all that funny. But hey, this is also a journal site for me. so there! :P

The boys were extremely excited to see Anita come home last night. I knew they would be of course. Conner made sure I knew he was ready for mommy to come home. Several times on Saturday he told me, "I want mommy to come back to my home." All's good now and she is back, and already off this morning in the rain to go with Jenny to Opry Mills. I'm hoping she has a wonderful day. She had a very uplifting weekend from the sound of it. The two of us talked last night till somewhere near 3am and I have to say that us going on the Walk has already been and will continue to be a fantastic thing for our marriage. Feeling the strength of God's love for you, does wonders for the amount of love you can share with your spouse. It's like getting a new set of glasses to look through that show you just how beautiful and wonderful everyone around you really is.


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