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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ordering Drinks

Last night when I made my post about our dinner I forgot to tell several funny things that actually happened during the dinner.

First, the waiter came around and was ordering drinks. He started with me, then Anita, then Conner, then Herbie and it went like this:
Me: Water, no lemon
Anita: Ahh, that's right, you don't have sweet tea do you?
Waiter: No mam, we have regular tea with the liquid sugar sweetener.
Anita: Okay, I'll just have a water
Conner: Water. Lemon. No ice.

Just like that. We all just turned our heads and looked at him and chuckled. Anita asked, "Are you sure you don't won't ice? To which Conner replied, "Nope. No ice."

Can't fault a guy for knowing what he wants.

Second, Conner is at one end of the table across from Herbie, Zach is to his left, Anita to the left of Zach. I'm on the other side of the table across from Anita. This means that both Anita and I are out of arms reach.

This restaurant has those little jars of shredded parmesean cheese on the table with a little serving fork in them. Before Anita and I could notice, Conner pulls it over in front of him, and takes a big fork full out of the container and eats it. Anita and I both notice JUST about the time he pulls the fork out of his mouth, and we both go, "CONNER! No!" and his immediate reaction is to shove the fork back in the container of course to cover up what he's doing. To which we both try to get out in time, "NO, don't put it BACK." It's too late. It's back in there. Anita grabs the container, takes the fork out and wipes it down really good. Then we sit there until the meal gets there and Anita is like, "I'm not sure what to do with it. Throw it out? Tell them to throw it out? Ask them for another fork? Or just put it back?" Well, Herbie decided he wanted some parmesean cheese with his meal, and he didn't care, so we just put it back after he got done. :)

Third, Conner decided to help himself to the pepper. Once again, before we could stop him. This time he covered, and I mean COVERED, his chicken strips with pepper. Which, of course, after the first bite, he didn't want to eat anymore. Zach didn't want to eat anything but bread, which in turn isn't unusual because that's all Conner wanted to eat either. The two of them, sat over there and downed about 3 rolls a piece while we all tried to eat peacefully.

Fourth and finally, Each time we'd get new rolls, they'd be pretty hot, so Conner was tearing off pieces of his rolls and setting them beside his plate each time he got a new one. Well, Zach figured out they were within reach so he kept snagging pieces of Conner's rolls after finishing (and sometimes before) his roll each time. Each time Conner would get frustrated and admonish Zach, "No Zach! These are mine. Eat yours!" and eventually he figured out to put them above his plate or on the other side. It was very funny watching little brother get the best of big brother though. Quite fitting.


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