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Friday, March 10, 2006

Poor Flowers

I just got home from Memphis today (Friday) about 3:00. I was only gone a few days (left Wed. morning), but of course it seems like forever when I'm away from Anita and the boys. Conner and Zach were both elated to see me, which is always great.

It was a beautiful 70 degree afternoon and Conner wanted to go out and play so he and I went out and played "Frisbee" in the yard with my Golf Discs. We ran around in the yard and threw a bunch of discs every which way. Conner is getting quite good at throwing them actually. He can launch one about 20 feet or so which I find impressive because he really focuses on trying to throw it the correct way instead of just "tossing" the disc in the air. I think he'll be a quick study on learning sports like his daddy probably.

After several rounds of Frisbee, Conner wanted to ride his bike, so we took it out on the driveway and I sat in the back of the van while he was riding around. He's getting very good at it and I'm hoping we can take the training wheels off soon so he can ride in the grass around the house. With them on, it is too difficult to try and ride in the grass because as he turns or leans, the training wheels catch and his tire loses traction in the grass.

So, anyway... getting to my funny story....
Conner is riding around in the driveway and takes a turn too fast and spills into Anita's flower bed. After getting up, he realizes he has crushed a daffodil and I can hear him say, "aaaaahhhhhh" (as in, "poor little flower"). He rights his bike, then he tries to get the flower to stand back up. He lifts it up and then it falls back over, then he tries again, and again.. before he finally gives up and looks up at me and says, "I think it's sleepy." I bust out chuckling and say, "No, I think you broke it." He replies with a definitive nod of the head, "No. It's just tired." Then he turns and hops back on the bike and goes back to riding.

oh well.... poor flowers.. poor tired flowers..


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