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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Taking out the trash

Following breakfast this morning, Conner and I took out the trash since today was trash day. After we threw the trash bags in the trash can, I needed to break down some cardboard boxes beside the trash can so that they would fit in the can. While I was doing this, I was holding the lid to the trash can open with one hand while working with the box with the other. Conner came around and grabbed the lid and said, "I'll hold it for you." I thought this very helpful of him. Unfortunately he wasn't holding it right and couldn't keep it open very well because he couldn't support the weight. Because of this, I kept holding on to the lid and he made note that I was holding the lid still and said, "I can hold the lid." and I said, "I know you can, I'm just helping." to which he replied, "I can do it ALL myself with my two special hands!"


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