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Monday, April 24, 2006

Being Lazy

Okay, so I've been lazy ..and busy. I have several picture posts I need to do as well as I should try to remember and come up with some good blog posts. There were several good ones last week that I wanted Anita to do because she was the one around when they happened.. but I'll have to try and even remember what they were now.

We were gone all weekend to Atlanta to visit Anita's parents and brother. We all met at a hotel there and had a nice day together on Saturday and then everyone left on Sunday to go back to their respective places they call home currently. We had all planned to go to Stone Mountain together on Saturday and spend the whole day there. We had tickets already purchased as a package deal through our hotel, but then it rained really hard Friday night and rained some more Saturday morning, so we opted not to do that. Instead we went to the Natural History Museum and had a great day anyway.

Sunday, after everyone left, the four of us were headed back home and Anita and I decided to turn back around and go back to Stone Mountain anyway with just the four of us. It was a beautiful day and it was early, and we already had tickets anyway, so what the heck. It turned out really nice. It was really warm (about 88 degrees) and super sunny and the sky was nice and clear. We walked around the attractions, and we were there so early, most of them weren't open yet, and all of the shows started later in the day. We really did get there right at opening time I think.. maybe within 30 minutes of when they open. Anyway, we took the skyride/tram/cable car thing up the mountain to the top and then we walked around up on top. It was really beautiful and very nice. The only issue was Mr. Squirmy-Fussy-Pants --- Zach. He was tired, probably hungry, frustrated, and all around not in a good mood. He eventually calmed down and nearly fell asleep on my shoulder and then again on Anita.

After the ride back down the mountain we ate some lunch and it was a really nice and pleasant lunch. I think both boys were just really hungry and thirsty and that was probably adding to the agitation level. We had burgers, fries, and shakes and finished JUST in time. As soon as we were gathering up our trash, the train whistle sounded as they were pulling into the station. We walked right over, got in line, and got on the train. We took the [loud] [rough] train ride around the park and when we got back, it was just right at the time we needed to be getting on the road.

Both boys were pretty tired, and Zach cashed out immediately. He slept for the first movie, then he woke up and we put in another one. This time, he stayed awake, and Conner was out 10 minutes into that movie and slept through all of it.

I've got pictures of course of some of the Stone Mountain stuff and I'll post them, but I'm really tired and I wanted to post something since it had been nearly a week with no update. Plus, I wanted to say at least a few things about the weekend before I forgot them. I know they aren't anecdotal or anything, and more of an event recapping, but oh well. At least it is something.

I will say that Conner did just fantastic at the park. For as much as Zach fussed at the beginning when we got there, and then while we started walking, and then when we went up the mountain, and then on top of the mountain, and then coming down the mountain...... well, Conner did just awesome. He was very active and wanted to do tons of stuff, and be very much the little independent explorer. From the moment we walked in, he took off and went to investigate stuff, and would come back and stay in front of us and say, "No, you have to stay behind me, I'm the leader!" and then he would act like a tour guide and show us the stuff he had just gone to see and say, "You have to see this, it is so COOL!" Then, we'd mention, "Let's go in this building and check out _______" and he'd say, "No, we don't need to see that" and he'd just march right on past it. If there was a rock to climb on, he did it. He was climbing stuff right and left. At one point, there was this rock wall bordering the sidewalk and I told him to "go up there and get on that rock so I can take a picture of you." The next thing I know he has scaled the whole wall and walked up it's entirety until he is about 15-20 feet off the ground at the top of it - at it's highest point - standing up high and mighty saying, "Look!" with a big grin on his face. Other than a few times where we had to tell him to stop doing something more than once or twice, he did exceptionally well though. As we were walking to the car, I was looking back on the whole day and had to stop and tell him how proud of him I was at how well he had acted and behaved all day. During only one small part did he get the slightest bit fussy (for maybe 10 minutes) and I honestly think that was the tired thing kicking in.

There's bound to be tons of funny stuff that happened during the day. Great one liners and funny little things that happened, but of course, I can't think of any of them for the life of me right now. One thing I can think of is that while we were riding the train there was an older man in the seat in front of us who had a bushy head of white hair and a really bushy white beard. A little ways into the train ride, the woman sitting with him (his daughter I think), turned to Conner and said, "Hey, you see that guy? You know who he is don't you?" and Conner got really shy and unsure of what she was trying to ask him and she said, "It's Santa Claus, he's on vacation." and Conner just gave her the sternest look and then he cut his eyes and eyed the old guy really hard and then he slid back in the corner of his seat and against the wall and turned around and looked back out the side of the train. She tried to ask him if he'd been a good boy so far this year, but wasn't having any more of it. He just kept his back to her (and Santa) and kept looking out the train. Then, today, he came in as I was downloading the pictures and he saw the picture of the carving of the mountain and he said, "I love that mountain". I let him sit here and go through the pictures with me and when we got to one of the ones in the train there was a picture of that guy in the background of one of the shots and he made sure to point out to me, "There's Santa Claus."

...okay, now I'm sequeing..... saying Santa Claus reminds me of an incident that happened a week or two after Christmas. I was tucking Conner in to bed one night and we had just finished praying. He sat there all pensive for a minute and then said, "You know. I bet God is helping Santa make toys for next year." I found it exceedingly cute, innocent, charming, and funny all at once and yet I still held it in long enough to say, "Well, he just might be." and then kissed him goodnight and went out to have a good chuckle in sharing it with Anita.

Alright, NOW I'm going to bed. Goodnight!


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