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Sunday, April 02, 2006


Just had a short thing I wanted to post. I wanted Anita to post it, but she is busy working on a resume.

Today at church I sang in the choir. This is my third week. yay! It's still a very new experience for me. We sang In Remembrance today, a piece we've been working on for a few practices. I really liked it and thought it was very beautiful. The tenor part had several notes that were a little high though. I think I hit them. I hope so.

Anyway.... today was also Communion Sunday (our church does communion the 1st Sunday of the month). We also use (at least for the moment) the method of tearing the bread off of a loaf and then taking a small cup of the wine (grape juice) - intinction, for those in the know. This was the first time I had been in the choir while we did communion. The choir is the first group to go down after the clergy and people serving. We were all wearing blue robes today and Anita said that after we were down front doing our communion, Conner leaned over and said, "Do we go after the blue group?"

Also today, Ken and Kayla Roe were serving communion. Kayla is our good buddy who babysits the boys. They just love her and I think the feeling is likewise. I know Anita and I do, she's awesome. She had the bread and her dad had the platter of cups.

Well, when it came time for Anita and Conner, they went down front and kneeled at the rail. Then Kayla came by with the bread and instead of regular loaf bread they had Pita bread which is harder to tear off. It got to Conner and he went to tear his piece and tore half the loaf off and before anyone could help him, he went ahead and started eating on it. Anita said Kayla was having to do her best to contain her laughter while she went to serve the rest of the line. What can I say? The boy likes bread. Holy bread? That too.


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