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Thursday, April 27, 2006


I had a couple of good Connerisms to post today.

Last night, Conner ended up on the floor next to our bed, which is kind of common lately. Well, this morning, when I woke up, Anita was in the other room with Zach because he had already been awake for a little while. I woke up because I heard Conner wimpering on the floor. He was sort of half-crying/half-mumbling and finally he got to where he could say something and I asked him what was wrong. Then he said, "My hand's doing something it's not supposed to.....it's tickling me!" I asked him if his hand fell asleep and he said, "NO, my hand's not ASLEEP, it's tickling me!" So, I just had him get up in bed with me and told him that it would go away. It really kind of freaked him out though. I had never really thought about that. It just happens throughout your life and you get used to it. However, it isn't comfortable and I'm sure the first time it happens, it would be rather scary.

The other thing that happened was as Anita, Conner, and Zach were leaving to go to speech this morning, they stepped outside and it was quite a bit cooler today than it has been the past few days. It's really sunny, but it's in the upper 60s instead of 80s like last week. When they stepped out, Anita remarked, "It's really cool out here." Conner then replied, "I know. It's going to turn into WINTER this SUMMER!"


  • At 1:15 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Forget the first time it happens...it can be kinda creepy (and very frustrating) when a limb falls asleep. I don't blame him for being scared/upset.


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