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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Cutie Pie

It's caterpillar season apparently. We have those little green caterpillars ALL OVER our deck. They are everywhere. And Conner LOVES it! He has really gotten into the whole bug thing recently and he's been picking up caterpillars and making homes for them and naming them. Apparently, his favorite name for any given caterpillar is Cutie Pie. Then, the next one will have some strange name. Still though, he seems to name at least one a day Cutie Pie, and he'll pick them up and go put them all in one special spot for the day and pretend it is their home. I'm sure on top of the basketball goal is exactly what they'd think is a good home too!

Anyway, it's hilarious to watch him with them and I had to share this latest new infatuation. Zach, on the other hand really likes the plastic Easter eggs that are left over from this weekend's egg hunt. Most notably, he enjoys dumping them all over the floor. He also likes transferring them from one bucket to the other. All so he can just dump them out again, of course.


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