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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Eating Cookies

Tonight, after dinner, Anita made a batch of cookies and when they came out we all just stood around and were eating them straight off the cookie sheet once they had cooled enough to do so.

Well, Conner and I were standing there eating them and Zach came over and Conner asked him, "You want a cookie Zach?" Zach had been grazing already. Anita gave him a bite, I gave him a bite or two, etc. So, Zach nods his head yes and Conner walks over and pulls the paci out of Zach's mouth and lays it on the counter. Then he walks over, breaks off a piece of cookie from one on the cookie sheet and feeds it to Zach. When he finishes, Zach walks away and Conner laughs and says, "Zach eats like a doggy."


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