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Monday, April 17, 2006

Making Me Laugh

Saturday we had a great day, and I've got lots of other stuff to post about what happened on Saturday, but I had to share this one thing before I forgot it.

That night, we had a nice spaghetti dinner with rolls and afterward Anita had fixed up some strawberries for dessert. We had strawberries with whipped topping which Conner just loves.

Well, Anita was up from the table cleaning up dishes and it was just Conner, Zach and I around the table. I've got my head down eating my strawberries and suddenly Conner says, "Look at me, I'm ICING guy!" and I look up to see him lift his face and he has whipped topping in a complete circle around his mouth. He looks up at me with this face and I literally let out a full out guffaw/snort/wheeze. I nearly spit strawberries all over the table. I'm just happy I wasn't drinking. I mean, I laugh at him all the time.. even big hearty laughs. For some reason though, this was different. This was like one of those laughs you do with your best buds when they do something that totally catches you off guard and you nearly spew your water/coke/beer all over the table. All I could do was say, "Good one Conner." and gave him a high-five.


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