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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sticking to my Feet

This morning, Anita went and got Zach out of bed after he woke up and he went running into the kitchen and got his placemat off the table and brought it back to the bedroom. Anita figured that meant he was obviously hungry and he had a plan. So, she went and got him a plastic baggy full of Cheerios and a sippy cup of water and brought them back to our room. She turned on Little Einsteins for him and he sat on the floor at his placemat while she crawled back in bed.

Well, all this seemed like a good idea.

Later, Conner crawled in bed with us and we all lay there watching some tv and just relaxing. All except for Little Z. He was busy running around and doing stuff that we couldn't see because we weren't really looking down at the end of the bed for him. We could hear him and knew he wasn't in trouble or anything, so that was good enough. When we all finally decided to get up, I went to the shower, Anita was still getting out of bed and Conner started down the hallway. The next thing I hear is Conner saying, "There are Cheerios EVERYWHERE! They are sticking to my feet when I walk."

Yup. Little Z had been busy. They were spread all around the end of the bed and then all down the hallway. I thought I had heard him at one point running up and down the hallway accompanied by the little swish swish sound of a plastic baggy. I guess that they were just shaking out as he ran. We'll probably be finding them for days I suspect.


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