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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Busted Finger

This probably isn't post-worthy without a picture, but I'm in Memphis and don't have the ability to get a picture, so oh well. For anyone who wants to know though, I busted up my left ring finger really bad Sunday night. I've been helping out with our youth group at our church and Sunday night we all played dodgeball. Well, sometime during the 4th game (out of 6 - I thought they'd kill me), I went to catch a ball and smashed my finger. I think what happened was as I went to catch it and was bringing my arms around it, I actually hit my left hand with my right hand somehow and jammed my finger that way. However I managed to do it, it really hurt and immediately I was feeling it.

By the time I left youth and was on the way over to Dave's house afterwards, my finger was already starting to swell and was really starting to hurt quite a bit. I decided to take off my wedding band from that finger and put it on my other hand. I was really happy I made that decision, because by the end of the night, it had swollen up like a plump little sausage link. It was also starting to get this sort of dark blue/green/black color under my knuckle which wasn't very attractive either.

Anyway, apparently I didn't break it because I can still move it, but I must have really sprained that joint really bad because it is still swollen - though greatly reduced now - and is still tender. I'm hoping that a few more days and it will be back to a fairly functional finger again.


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