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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dangerous Dreams

A few nights ago I had this weird dream. I was in a dingy, dusky attic (or possibly an upstairs of an old house) that had an open window at the end of the walkway where I was. The walls/ceilings were close to me and on the wall was this weird plant kind of thing. At least it kind of looked like a plant. It had this spiky hair all over it with these really long stalk things at one end of it's body. Upon closer inspection it kind of looked like a caterpillar with hair that was entirely too long and stiff and that was of gigantic proportion seeing as this this was close to 3 feet long and 7 or 8 inches wide.

I'm standing there looking at this thing and for some reason I decide to spit on/at it to see if it is alive or anything, or if it is just some kind of weird plant that started growing up here somehow. As soon as I do this, the thing leaps off the wall, hits the floor, and starts scuttling toward me incredibly fast in a very threatening manner. Well, the creature is between me and the open window and my first thought is... kick it hard and kick it out the window. So, as it draws nearer, I rear back and WHAM, kick it as hard as I can and it doesn't go flying out the window at all, it is still attacking me. Now frightened out of my skin, I rear back again and kick with all my might.

It is at this point that an ethereal voice starts screaming at me, "WAKE UP! WAKE UP! STOP KICKING ME!"

I *pop* out of my dream and there is Anita screaming at me saying, "YOU JUST KICKED ME IN THE SHIN! TWICE! HARD! You have GOT to stop doing this in your sleep!" (note, this isn't the first time I've done something similar to this because of a dream) To which, I reply groggily, "If YOU had seen the thing coming after me, you'd have been kicking too!"

I profusely apologized next and then we both went off back to sleep.

As I remembered this story today though, I just remembered the spitting part for the first time since it happened and Anita doesn't know that part yet. I'm hoping I didn't spit in her hair before I started kicking her!


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