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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Little Monkeys

Today was interesting. Actually... yesterday.. since it's nearly 1:00 AM as I am posting this. I'm going to speak as if it all happened today though, otherwise I'll get all confused talking about yesterday when I'm really referring to today. Well, not the "today" today, but the yesterday "today". eeeehhhhhhh. nevermind, you get the idea.

First, Conner gets up this morning and after bugging Anita and I for about 20-30 minutes, he finally goes back to his room and closes the door. Where he then picks up his guitar and starts strumming a tune and singing for something like 20 minutes straight. Seriously. Solid music for nearly 20 minutes. We have no idea what he was singing, but that's okay. He was putting words to music and just making up his own stuff.

Then, as we lay there, Anita thought she heard something and she gets out of bed. She walks to Zach's room and he isn't there. uh ohhh... Well, he vaulted out of bed again this morning, opened his door, and Anita found him standing in the kitchen. *sigh*. I guess we're going to have to gate off that part of the house now at nights to prevent him from roaming in the mornings should he decide to make a break for it. This also means we are likely going to be converting his bed to a toddler bed this weekend.

Next, this evening, we were out at an ice cream shop and after we ate, I made Conner go the restroom since we had about a 30-40 minute drive home in the rain and it was already nearly bed time and I figured he'd go to sleep in the car. After he finishes his business, he walks over to wash his hands and I offer to help him get the soap from the dispenser since it is so high up on the wall. Well, he doesn't want my help of course and gets frustrated that I am trying to help, so I back off. What happens next? Well.......... he sticks one hand up very awkwardly, then uses the other hand to press the lever to get the soap to come out. Meanwhile, he is standing directly under the soap dispenser looking up to try and see what he is doing. He then presses the lever and..... WHAM, the soap comes FLYING out and goes RIGHT into his EYE!!!! He pauses for a second, stunned. Then the burning kicks in. This apparently wasn't baby shampoo and it definitely wasn't "no more tears", cause he starts screaming!

At this point, I quickly grab a wad of paper towel, wet it, and prepare to rinse his eye out. I tell him to stand still and look up at me and keep his eyes open. Can a 4 year old with something burning his eye do this? NOOOOOOOO! I'm trying to grab his head and hold it still and squeeze the water into his eye. Meanwhile he is dancing and screaming and I can't get a good shot on him so I keep squeezing water all over his face and hair while he moves all around. Finally, I have to pin him between my legs, and force his head back and hold his eye open while I squeeze water into it. This of course, brings torrential wails that I'm sure has the customer base outside thinking that I'm trying to flush my son down the toilet or something.

Well, eventually, I had to just pull him out simpering to the car. It was late, he was without a nap on a very long day, and was tired, and now had soap in his eye that was burning him. Poor little guy. Anyway, he fussed and kept complaining everytime we went under a light or turned on a light in the car. Finally, I told him to just cover his head with a blanket we had lying around and try to go to sleep. He took my advice and was out of it before too long. Thankfully!

Whew! What a day.


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