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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Zachary.... uh uh uhhhhh.. this boy!

Since I'm finally getting around to making a few posts today, I thought I'd at least post something new and funny that isn't just a bunch of pictures. Though, I know that's what everyone comes for anyway... I know it isn't my [attempt at] witty banter.

Well, Zach is probably moving to a "big boy" bed soon. Sooner than Conner did for sure. Have we said before that this boy is our climber? Yah... so.... he is. Monday, I put him in his bed because he was throwing a fit as we came in the door from being outside. Within in 30 seconds, he had thrown his leg up over the rail and pulled himself up and was laying spread eagle balanced on the rail, holding the end of his bed to steady himself. I just looked at him and said, "You are going to fall from there if you don't stop that."

Yah, that was Monday.... so, this morning.... leg up, straddle rail, swing legs over, hang and drop, run away. Your standard "climbing the fence" exit strategy. The kids good... I'll give him that... really ... really good. Grrrrr.... this means we won't be able to contain him at all though, which sucks.

I'm thinking maybe something with a roof on it next....maybe thick bars or chains to hold him in place. He'd probably just figure out a way to get out of that too. Much like his pajamas... oh yah, did I mention when I went to get him out of bed Tuesday he was standing there in nothing but a diaper and a grin? I'm just happy he left the diaper on.


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