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Monday, June 05, 2006

Fevers, Planes, and Monster Tiles

This past weekend seemed to go by in a blur. I arrived home on Friday (6/2) from Memphis and after a few minutes hanging out here with the family, we all got in the car and went over to Dave and Jenny's to check on kitty and allow me some time to print out some print sheets for Monster Tiles. We were over there about an hour and a half and by the time we got home it was bedtime. After we put the boys to bed, I came out and setup all the tile printing equipment out in the den. I then proceeded to prep, organize, and print tiles till 2am.

Saturday was to be another big day of printing tiles and I had planned to get an early start, but alas, I was up till 3am (had more stuff to do after I ran out of print sheets) and I didn't wake up as early as I would have liked. I ended up getting up about 8:30 or 9 I think. We all got ready for the day and Anita and the boys went to Murfreesboro while I went over to Dave's house to print print up a bunch of transfer sheets. I printed as many as I could up till about 11:45 and then ran back home to eat lunch and get ready for the soccer game.

I worked on printing tiles till about 6pm and then Anita left to go to a going away party for some friends from our church. We were all going to go, but Zach's fever still hadn't come down (that's about 5 days of fever at that point). As I was printing Saturday afternoon, Anita and Zach ran out for awhile and Conner stayed with me and was helping by stacking tiles for me and counting them out and taking out broken tiles for me. He was having a great time helping and looking at the tiles that I had already printed and tossed out for blemishes.

Saturday night, Zach's fever spiked to about 104.7 (rectal) and of course that gave Anita and I cause for concern. She called the doctor though and they told us we didn't necessarily need to worry too much. We went back to cross-dosing Motrin and Tylenol every four hours at the doctor's request and he made it through the night miserably. I ended up holding him while we both slept on the couch from about midnight till 3am. He was sleeping on my chest and when I woke up, the front of my shirt was SOAKING wet. Poor little guy :(.

Sunday morning, Anita took Zach to the pediatrician's office and Conner and I headed off for a morning of printing tile transfer sheets over at Dave's.

As I was back in my room getting dressed, I heard Conner running around saying something and then when I listened I could tell he was saying, "Here comes a proPELLer plane! ProPELLer plane! ProPELLer plane!" He was running around with a plastic handle from a toy golf club set (club head missing). He had it in his hand with his arm extended in front of him and he was holding it perpendicularly in front of him by holding the middle of the handle and he was spinning it back and forth to look like....well, a propeller. He just kept running around saying that and I thought it was very funny. Clever too. But definitely funny.

Conner was really excited to be going with me to help out some more and just to have some "Daddy and Conner" time. We stopped at Hardee's on the way over and picked up some breakfast. All was going very well till we got to Dave and Jenny's subdivision and I realized the key to their house was in the console in Anita's van....with her in Murfreesboro. D'oh! grrrrrrrr. I was NOT happy. Conner and I came back home and I worked on the computer on something else Monster Tiles related that I needed to get done anyway and while I did so, Conner sat out here and colored and cut papers and watched tv.

At lunch time, I took off and went over to Dave's to do what I had intended to get done that morning. I printed up Monster Tiles sheets till about 3pm and then finally came home to start printing for the day. Conner spent most of the day out here with me with his papers, pencils and markers, and scissors making all kinds of stuff. The best part is that he set up his own "system" over on the landing in the den and he said he was making Monster Tiles too. He would come over and pick one out of the box of blemished tiles and he'd show it to me and ask, "What's this guy called daddy?" I'd tell him and he'd say, "I'm going to make this Monster Tile now." He'd then take it over to the landing and draw a picture of it, color it all up and 'lay it out to dry' (as he told me). The pictures were very cute and very creative. At one point, I asked him to draw a horse during the day and he drew 2 legs, a head, and a body. I told him, "A horse has four legs." and he said, "Not on this side it doesn't. The other legs are on the other side." I just about teared up I was so proud of him. I mean, WOW! Anyway, so he kind of put me in my place on that one.

At one point during the day, he was drawing some picture and asks me to look over at what he's drawn. I do, and see that he has drawn this really neat guy that he has just added what looks like... well, a propeller to the top of his head. At this point, Conner says, "He's a robot-PROPELLER-head-guy!" I just had to look and say, "You know, he sure is."


  • At 4:57 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Sounds like Conner just enjoyed being where daddy was. Proves that children really do what we model.


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