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Monday, June 05, 2006

Last Soccer Game

Well, we had our last soccer game of Conner's first season of soccer. We won too. That we means we had only 1 loss all season. We lost last week when it was about 95 degrees outside. The kids were miserable and I didn't blame them. None of them wanted to run to the ball and it seemed as if the heat had sucked out every bit of energy along with desire to play. The sad part was that the other team only had 3 players, played the whole game without subs, and ran circles around us. I was quite impressed with them. Had our boys been running to the ball and playing like they usually do, it would probably have been much closer.

After the game, we all went out to McDonald's for ice cream and to let the boys play in the play land area. We passed out "participation" trophies to each of the boys and Conner just LOVED his very first trophy. On another note, the parents (through Anita) went together and bought appreciation plaques for Jose and I for being coaches. That was nice as well.

Conner on the way home said, "I love my trophy. I'm going to put my trophy in my room when we get home!" He was very excited about the whole thing. As I was tucking him into bed that night he looked over and saw it on his dresser and had to say it again even, "Daddy, I love my trophy." hehe. All in all, I think he had a great time and when we asked if he wanted to play again next season (in the fall) he said that he really wanted to so I guess that means we'll playing again in a few months.


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