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Monday, July 17, 2006

Conner's Jokes

On the way home from VBS tonight, Conner asked me, "Hey daddy, you want to hear a joke?"

"Sure" I said.

"Okay. Why do people put poo-poo diapers on their head? .....Cause people like poo-poo diapers on them heads!" *guffawing laughter ensues*

me: "Conner, I don't think that's a joke. And you don't need to be saying things like that either."

Conner: "Why"
me: ....*driving*
Conner: "Why"
me: ..
Conner: "Why"
Conner: "Why"
Conner: "Why"
Conner: "Why"

me: "Why what?"
Conner: "Why is it not a joke daddy?"
me: "So, did you have fun at VBS tonight?"


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