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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Conner's Last Day of Swim Lessons (6/15/2006)

Here are a couple of pics from Conner's last swim lesson this year. He had a great time swimming this summer and really became a little fish. His lessons were different this year than the previous two years. Instead of having the lessons at the high school in their pool, he had them at the instructor's house. She runs a pretty big operation of swim lessons and has usually 3 or 4 lifeguards with her as her instructors working with the kids. The biggest difference is that for the older kids she doesn't allow the parents to watch the lessons. You have to wait in FRONT of the house. She does this for a reason though and that is because the kids respond better when the parent's aren't watching. You also don't have parents interfere if they have to be stern with a child or anything like that. She runs a great program and has wonderful results with the kids. The kids love it and you can tell it does them a lot of good.

Well, on the last night (of two weeks), the parents come and watch the kids and they of course show off what they've been practicing. Conner spent most of the night UNDER the water. He had a blast. He and the little boy next to him spent pretty much the entire evening dunking down under the water. In the picture, those are Conner's hands sticking out of the water.

They did quite a lot of stuff with them this year. Thankfully, this year Conner really got into it. The first year, he really enjoyed it, but last year we had some rough patches during the week of him just not really wanting to participate and do the specific tasks they wanted him to do. Of course, he was with mommy and daddy in the pool last year. Anyway, this year they got him to do all kinds of stuff and he definitely improved. Most importantly, he loves the water and isn't afraid of it. He understands it can be dangerous and has started learning about safety around the water which is excellent. Amazingly enough, he can "kind of" swim a little on his own. Not very far, but he's been practicing since swim lessons in our pool in the backyard and he is certainly getting better. He also had to float on his back, and on his front and go under the water and open his eyes under water. I don't remember all of the other tasks they had them do, but that's pretty much the basics.

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