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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Laffy Taffy... ahhh, sweet Laffy Taffy.

So, last night at VBS, there was this bag of candy someone left lying on the leaders table. Anita and Christa (the vbs director) and I were standing there and figured, hey.. someone left it here, it must be okay to eat the candy from it. Well, it was a big bag of mixed candy and in it I found some Laffy Taffy. I haven't had this stuff in probably 10 years or more. I pretty much don't eat candy. At least hard candy or sugary candies. Not very often at all. I eat candies bars very occasionally, but pretty much my sweet intake consists of cookies, cakes, and ice cream. Now, those, I partake in suffciently (my waistline can contest to this). Oh man. Anyway, grape Laffy Taffy is my new favorite candy. It's SO good. Really, just crazy good.

Also, I had forgotten about the little corny jokes on the wrappers.. hehe. I guess they now let people submit jokes and they just print ones that people submit to them cause all of them have a little name beside them.

Here are some Laffy Taffy jokes for your laughtastic pleasure.

Q: What's green and pecks on a tree?
A: A woody wood pickle!

Q: What makes music on your head?
A: A head band

Q: Why do some people never go bald?
A: They have a re-seeding hairline.

Q: What kind of key doesn't open a lock?
A: A mon-key.

Q: What pounds in your ear?
A: An ear drum.

Q: What bee does well in school?
A: A spelling bee.


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