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Friday, July 28, 2006

Worst Nightmares

I was in the shower this morning and kept hearing banging, running, and shouting sounds as they neared my bathroom door, then receded down the hallway, then returned. As I turned the shower off and reached for my towel, Zach came running in wearing his purple cape (something I made for us all to go to a birthday party where we dressed up like princes). Zach and Conner love wearing the capes and just running around the house pretending to be super heroes. So, Zach came running in, and starting jabbering to me. I asked him if he was a super hero and he said yes. Conner came up behind him at that point and corrected us saying, "No, we are Worst Nightmares!"

I said, "What?" To which Conner replied, "Zach and I are Worst Nightmares! I heard it on Mulan."

Oh me... so, then Anita and I had to explain that it wasn't GOOD to be a worst nightmare and maybe it would be better to be a super hero instead that saved people.


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