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Friday, July 28, 2006

Zach's Bye-Bye Paci Party

For those that don't remember, when we decided it was time to take Conner's pacifier away from him, we held a "Bye Bye Paci Party". We talked about it all week and then the day after his 2 year old birthday, we took a bunch of helium balloons, tied them to the remaining pacifiers, took them in the front yard, said our farewells, and released them into the wild blue yonder.

It's Zach's turn. We held his Bye Bye Paci Party last Sunday (the day after his 2 year old birthday) and it went pretty well. Of course, Zach has been a little bit more attached than Conner was and also he's not quite as laid back as Conner was. However, all in all, it went really well. He didn't seem to mind any as we had the party. That night however, at bedtime, he did ask for paci as expected and we told him the same thing we did Conner. "Remember, we said bye-bye to the pacis today? They flew off into the sky. They're all gone." Where Conner just sort of shrugged his shoulders with a staggeringly calm measure of acceptance, Zach had a different response. Zach shook his head yes, and said "Bye Bye" in recognition that he remembered us sending the pacis away. Then, he waited about ten seconds, held out his hand and said, "zsuzsi" (his word for paci). We told him again, and he shook his head yes, said "bye bye" and then looked at us and held out his hand, "zsuzsi". It was as if he said, "Yah, I remember the party where you sent my pacis up to the sky. That was great. Good trick. Now, give me a paci so I can go to bed already." That was 5 days ago, and 4 bedtimes ago and he's done remarkably well actually. After that first night, we weren't sure how this transition was going to go. He's asked several times for it, specifically at nap time and bed time, but he's accepted it fairly well with no major breakdowns, so that is good. It looks like we are paci free, again. Now, if we could only send the diapers into the sky.

If you want to see the whole picture story in all it's glory (which you do, trust me) with running commentary by me, then click here to check it out on the forum.


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