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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Zach's Last Day of Swim Lessons (6/16/2006)

Zach had swim lessons this year during the same two weeks Conner did. However, Zach's were at the high school pool in the mornings again like we did the last two years. He'll go to these lessons again next year as well and then possibly move up to doing the lessons like Conner did this year at Ms. Sue's house.

Anita went with Zach every day to the pool for the lessons and Conner stayed home with me while I went started my day. The lessons were first thing in the morning (8am-9am) and so it worked out pretty well.

The biggest problem with the pool at the high school is usually temperature. The water can get kind of cold and on cold days Zach doesn't want to do anything... and I don't blame him. Last year, I was in the pool with them too and the first week of lessons was nearly unbearable. He did pretty well most days though Anita said and by the end of the two weeks, you could tell he had improved and really enjoyed being in the water...at least on his terms. He's also done really well in the pool here at the house this summer as well. He really enjoys getting out there and even is okay with going under the water.

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