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Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm Telling

Yesterday, Anita was running back and forth between the living room and den cleaning and picking up and taking stuff outside to the shed. While she was out here for a time, the boys were in the living room, and obviously having a run with each other over who could be the loudest or get in trouble the fastest. Lately, Conner's thing has been to tell on Zach, or to try and punish him himself. I've often heard Conner say while Anita and I weren't around (in the other room so he couldn't see us), "ZACH. GO TO YOUR ROOM! I'M VERY ANGRY WITH YOU!" To which, of course Zach will reply, "No!" - which is pretty much the same thing he does for Anita and me, so at least he's consistent. Else, I'd probably let Conner start disciplining him.

Anyway.... Anita was out here yesterday and we hear something go *POW* and then we hear Conner scream, "MOMMY! ZACH HIT ME........WITH THE BIBLE!"

I just put my head down on my desk and started laughing. Oh me.. Talk about a Holy Smackdown!

A little while later, we heard Conner yell again, "Mommy! Zach called me POOPIE!" To which, Anita in here grumbled, "Well then, you shouldn't have taught him the word!"


  • At 6:32 AM , Blogger Linda T. said...

    For Zach's size maybe he thought he needed some Divine intervention to help get his message across to Conner. Love the little guys effort. Mama T.


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