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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Power Rangers

Anita reminded me of a post that I wanted to make. In my last post I made a comment about how surprised I was that Conner didn't forget about the Hyper Jet (read previous blog entry). He has a great memory and so I guess it isn't unusual for me to say this, but I was more referring directly to something else that happened just before we left town for Christmas.

Last January, for Conner's birthday, he received 3 power rangers figures. Anita and I both have no real love for the power rangers and honestly didn't really want him to have them. (This is due to the fact that they generally promote violence and we have seen the effects of that cartoon directly on little boys over the years.) However, he received them as gifts and we weren't going to just take them all away from him. At least not ALL of them. We put them aside, and then let him open one of them. The other two, Anita put back and Conner didn't really realize they were gone. He never said anything else about them.

So..... a week before Christmas Conner comes up to Anita out of the blue carrying his one power ranger figure and says, "Do you think we could get out the other two power rangers I got for my birthday?"


I can visually imagine Anita's jaw dropping when he said it. The thing is.... well... we regifted them to some little boy for a birthday party Conner went to during the year. We don't even have them anymore. Double DOH!

Anyway, Anita had to tell him that she didn't think we had them anymore or that we'd have to try and see if we could find them or something.... hmmmm... we're such bad parents! We give away our kids new toys!

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  • At 7:47 AM , Blogger Linda T. said...

    Wonderful to have a great memory. Just remember as parents, you and Anita will have to think twice before promising anything. He is NOT going to forget!
    Mama T.


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