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Monday, January 22, 2007

Putting on Socks

Friday morning after I came home from the gym, I was standing in the kitchen getting a drink and I heard Zach yell, "Me DID it! Me DID it! put socks on! Me DID it!"

I peaked around the corner and grinned really big to see him sitting on the floor with one sock on and one in his hand going on the other foot. I said, "That's great Zach! You did a very good job! Can you say, I did it." - always the teaching moment... At least he did then say, "I did it!"

We were very proud for him, even if they were upside down (they were the ones with grey bottoms). Of course, Conner had to point out that he didn't do them correctly, but we diverted that to point out that getting them on his feet was the important part.

Anyway.... hearing Zach say "Me DID it!" has got to be one of the cutest things lately. I always correct him, but some part of me doesn't want to see him know how to say it correctly, because it is so darn cute!

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