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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sleeping In

So, I stayed up pretty late Friday night, and was hoping to sleep in just a little on Saturday morning. As in,.... 8:00 AM even. That would have been fine. However, Anita, having gotten up early and ready to have a productive day painting Conner's room, got ready and rushed in about 7:00 AM and tells me, "Boys are watching tv. They've got waffles and juice. They should be fine. I'm going to Lowe's. Be back shortly."

My response, "Wrrgghhaaaa?" from my waking stupor.

She's out the door five minutes... if that... and it starts... they come rushing in jumping on me and yelling and screaming. I tell them to go back to the other room and play in there or watch tv while I sleep a little longer. Works just fine. For 2 minutes. Then, I'm awakened by, "ZACH! DON'T TOUCH MY TRAIN!", which I have to go and break up. Then it's Zach crying because Conner did something. Then it's, "DADDY! Zach hit me in the head!" Then it's..... yah, every 5 minutes for an hour leading up to the grand finale.

I was actually back asleep when I hear Conner yell, "SHOOOWEEEE! Yuck! ZACH HAS A POOPIE DIAPER AND HE TOOK IT OFF!"

My eyes pop open and I am staring at Zach. Bare-bottomed with poop clinging to him, half-way up in his climb to get into the bed with me.


I couldn't believe it. I bolted upright, snatching him up and holding him at arm's length to carry him to the changing table. I had to wipe him down really good because it had gotten on his legs. I then found the dirty diaper sitting in the middle of the living room.

All I could do at that point was to clean him up. I called Anita on the cell phone at Lowe's and as soon as she answered I just said, "You couldn't have left at 8:00?"

ughhhhh..... so much for sleeping in.

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  • At 1:55 PM , Blogger Linda T. said...

    And this my DEAR SON is why every mom needs "Mother's Day Outs". Your description of that hour sounds so typical of day after day for moms. I never could get Jim to realize how extremely time intensive and draining day in and day out with the "sweet little ones" really is. Well, I quess he probably understood, but wasn't empathic enough. Hence all three of you became very familiar with each asile of the grocery store. Try pushing a heavy grocery cart, one child, and trying to keep your eye on two others at the same time. Oh well, I wouldn't trade my mamahood with ANYONE. Not even the frustrating, trying, tiring hours. You do survive (God gives mothers that special strength.) Trust me, being a parent is the most rewarding, wonderful gift. Once a parent, you always have that instinct. I guess it's true (once a parent, always a parent).. LOVE, Mama T.

  • At 3:57 PM , Blogger Brad said...


    Anita has the same sentiments, though I do try to be there to lighten the load. Of course, I could always do it more so. Also of course, if only we had more time in the days.


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