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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Month Without an Update

Yah, I know, I'm slacking.

It's been hectic, I was hurt, I was out of town, people were sick, stuff happens. :)

I'll try to pay attention and remember things to post, and just to post in general. I always forget what it is I wanted to post when I actually remember to try and post something.

There was a moment the other day, when Conner did something that made Anita laugh and Conner actually said, "You should tell daddy to put this on the blog!", which of course, I just find funny in and of itself. The fact he knows about the blog and understands kind of what it means when we say that we put something on there.

Sadly, I don't even have new pictures on my computer since Conner's birthday weekend. I know we have some on the camera, but I haven't moved them to the computer yet.

Don't worry, I'll get busy soon and get us some regular posting going on again. In the meantime, everyone needs to email Anita and tell her SHE needs to also jump on and post cute things. They don't have to have pictures I tell her, and it is really easy to make a post, but yet.. she doesn't do it =/.


  • At 5:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    YaY! At least it is a little bit of something...which is better than nothing. And yes...pictures do need to come along soon.


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