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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Zach has been singing a lot lately. He has really taken to nursery rhymes and children's songs at church. He actually remembers the words to them very well. He'll get them twisted up sometimes and maybe forget what order they go in, but he never messes the tune up though. He always makes the tune sound like it is supposed to, which amazes me. If he forgets a word, he just hums the syllables to the sound of the tune.

So, the other night we were getting ready for bed. Reading the bedtime stories, givng hugs, saying prayers and the like when Zach started singing songs. I have heard him sing a number of songs and even had heard him sing Baa Baa Black Sheep before, but it didn't stop him from making me burst...literally burst a laugh out loud without meaning to. Of course, he didn't realize what he had done at the time and just thought that I was laughing at him singing, so he continued to sing louder and started laughing at himself.

Anyway... this is what he just suddenly started singing..

"Baa Baa CRAP sheep, have you any wool."

Anita and I just looked at each other and started giggling so much we couldn't contain it. She said that's what he's been singing for awhile now, but I know that I have heard him sing it correctly before.. so, who knows.. maybe he meant to do it. Somehow, that wouldn't surprise me either.

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