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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stories for Later

This is one of those stories that you use later to embarass your kids....

This morning Conner came in and almost groaning said, "My penis really hurts!" When I tried to get him to explain to me and describe "how" it hurt he said that it just hurt, but then he said, "It's UP instead of down." hahaha... I was thinking maybe he had had an erection and it was hurting him inside his underwear or something. Well, he went to the bathroom to pee and asked me to come in to look and make sure nothing was wrong. When I got in there, he was looking at his testicles though and so I think maybe something is really bothering him. He was standing there holding up his penis and pointing to his testicles and saying that they were hurting. They were a little red.. so who knows.. I think probably his recent outbreak of "leaking" into his underwear has caused too much moisture there and it is probably just iritation, like a diaper rash kind of thing.

Anyway... on to what I truly wanted to tell... had to give you the setup though.

At breakfast, I called Anita to make sure and let her know about it and ask if he had been complaining all morning about this. This helps me gauge the severity and the level of concern I should have or not :).

After I hang up the phone, Conner turns to me and asks, "Who were you talking to?"
I don't know why it came to me, but I quickly replied, "Santa Claus. Yah, I thought I'd call him and let him know about your penis and testicles."

Oh my. The look on his face. His eyes got about as big as quarters and he frowned and tilted his head at me and then in a very concerned voice asked me gingerly, "That wasn't mommy?"

I had to just chuckle at him and say, "Of course it was! Who else do you think I'd be talking to?" and the relief on his face was palpable. His shoulders relaxed even. Woooooo, oh me, it was one of those moments though where you love that you had kids and that you can take advantage of their innocence for your own amusement. I sound so cruel don't I? Naahhhh, I sound like a dad :)

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