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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Catch up Blog: Did you hear something?

Sometime during the middle of last year (summer 2007), this transpired...

One night Anita and I put the boys down in bed as normal. About 8pm as usual. It was a normal night and nothing out of the ordinary. We retired to the den to watch some tv and were having a nice evening.

Then, somewhere around 9:30pm the television show we happened to be watching at the time got really quiet and we both paused and said, "Did you hear that?".."Did you hear something?"

I got up to go investigate and as I quietly walked down the hallway to the bedrooms I could hear that the TV was on in our bedroom. I knew neither of us had watched tv that night in there, so I thought that was odd.

I creep in slowly to see who my culprit is and I find Zach curled up asleep in Anita's spot in the bed, and Conner propped up in my spot just as bright-eyed as ever watching some movie on tv. He looked up at me and smiled from ear-to-ear and pointed at the tv and said, "LOOK!" just about the time I said, "What on earth do you think your doing!"

I guess big brother had gone and gotten little brother out of bed because he had a brilliant idea. They both creeped into our room and go under our covers and started watching some tv until Zach fell asleep. Of course, Conner was still going strong an hour and half later!

That wasn't the only time either.

I caught him less than a week later trying it again, but this time by himself. I had gotten up to go to the bathroom and heard the tv when I got to the hallway. I snuck in and scared him that time! Caught in the act!


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