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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Catch up Blog: Gummies

This story also took place on the way home from our Thanksgiving trip last year (2007).

On the way home, we stopped at a gas station and Anita went in and grabbed a few snacks. She grabbed a [large] bag of gummie lifesavers for the boys. We opened them and handed them back to them. Conner of course took control of them and gave Zach about 4 of them before he put the bag in his lap and started eating them one at at time. Then Zach asked for some more and Conner gave him 2 or 3 more and kept the bag again.

Finally, Zach started getting upset that he couldn't hold the bag and he started complaining to us about it. We asked Conner to give Zach the bag and then let him give some to Conner when he wanted some more.

A few minutes later, we hear Conner ask for some more politely and then Zach reached in the bag and carefully pulled out exactly one and put it in Conner's hand. To which, Conner of course, huffed, "Give me more than that." We told Zach to give Conner a few more. Zach looked back with desperate and frustrated eyes and reluctantly gave Conner a few more. At this point, he really doesn't want to share anymore.

A few more minutes go by and we hear Conner ask for some more again. This time, Zach doesn't say anything at all. Conner tries to grab the bag from him and Zach lets him have it. I look back and I can see Conner looking down the hole into the bag and getting frustrated. He throws the bag down and looks up toward us for assistance and says, "He ate them ALL!"

It's about this time I shift my view over to Zach and realize his cheeks look like a chipmunk in a Planters factory. His cheeks are puffed out so far you'd think they'd explode. I look at him and say, "Your mouth is so full you can't even chew Zach!"

He just looks back at me and enthusiastically nods his head yes. As if to say, "That's right! Who has the gummies now!"


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