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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Catch up Blog: Kitty

We were all at Kohl's one day shopping for various items and Conner was running around with Anita and I had Zach with me. I had picked up a few items for myself and Zach and I went to the dressing room so I could try them on. Specifically, I had a few pairs of pants that I wanted to try on, so we went in and found us a stall for me to try them on.

Let me interrupt this story with a small fact. At around this time (sometime mid last year), Zach was going through this big "kitty" cat phase were he loved making cat noises.

I now return you to our regularly scheduled story..

The first logical step is of course for me to take off my shoes and then my pants if I want to try pants on. So, this is what I did. I take off my shoes and pants and set my pants on the bench and then turn to take a new pair off a hanger and then I start to put them on. I've just about got one leg in when I realize Zach isn't in the changing stall with me. I do a quick 360 and make sure and sure enough, he isn't there.

Suddenly, I hear a "Meow....meow...meowwww" sound coming from somewhere nearby. I bend over carefully and peek under the stall to see Zach crawling horizontally away from me under the stalls on his hands and knees meowing like a cat.

I quickly had to pull the pants on and run down to another stall and open the door and get him back.

My only saving grace was that nobody was standing in the next stall changing also! *whew*


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