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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Catch up Blog: Safari

Over Thanksgiving last year (2007), we went to visit Anita's family at her aunt and uncle's house just outside Winstom Salem, NC. They've got a nice place with a pretty lot that has a strip of woods behind it leading down to a creek. It's a nice place to go walking and exploring and so one afternoon the boys and I took the camera and did just that.

[This is a place holder for pictures I have for this that I'll put in later.]

After we had hiked around a little, I kicked out the old creative juices and busted in to my Australian outback safari voice and the 3 of us went out on a safari looking for animals.

I started out by saying we were going to hunt the mighty and terrifying "Zoomba Tiger". The habitat was perfect, obviously, and he had to be around here somewhere. Conner immediately jumped in the game with me and started helping me search for the Zoomba Tiger. Meanwhile, Zach wasn't QUITE so enthusiastic about it. I thought he'd figure out we were just pretending and get right into it any minute, but it quickly digressed. The next thing I know Zach starts running away crying and yelling, "I DON'T WANT TO HUNT THE TIGERS!"

I catch him and pick him up and hold him good and tight and explain that everything is just fine and that we are just pretending. That it's like a game and that there aren't any animals out here and all that stuff....

Then, through puffed cheeks and a wimpered sigh he says in a small sad voice, "I don't want to hunt for tigers. Let's hunt for elephants, they're nicer."


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