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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Catch up Blog: Towers and Tombstones

Towers and Tombstones.. wow, that sounds like a Stephen King novel or something..

Anyway, this next story is just a couple of cute things Conner said over a trip to Mama-T and Papa-T's house one weekend last year.

On the drive in to their house, we drive right by a graveyard. This particular trip in, as we were passing the graveyard, we heard Conner lean over to Zach and say as he pointed out toward the graveyard, "Do you see all those dead things?"

He was referring to the tombstones, but wasn't sure what they were called. Anita and I got a good snicker out of it.

That same weekend, we got another fine Connerism moment.

Conner was working with lincoln logs (or some other stackable building objects) and had made this really big tower. He was very proud of it and came and got me and basically pulled me in to look at it.

I looked at it and told him, "It's a very cool tower Conner. You did a really good job on it."

To which he looked up at me and said in a big voice, "It's The TOWER of LEPROSY!"


.....take a breath...

yes, that's right,.."The Tower of Leprosy"

I don't know.... I think... He might have ....yah, I don't know, he's Conner.


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