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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Catch up Blog: Zach's formality

This happened sometime around the middle of last year, so Zach was just turning 3 about this time and he had recently discovered mommmy and daddy's names and thought it was funny (isn't this the kid's theme by now) to use them instead of calling us mommy or daddy.

Well, he'd make a point of calling out "Anita" and then we'd have to correct him. I'd catch him at church telling people, "That's Brad." Which of course, all our friends and church family thought was just adorable. Especially because he tends to make it sound like "Blad".

So all of this went on for awhile and eventually he started mixing it up on me and started calling me Daddy-Brad which he thought was so clever and funny.

As always, he'd do it on purpose to see what kind of reaction it had on us and he found it humorous.

Forutnately, it worked it's way out of his system now and he's back to Mommy and Daddy.


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