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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Catch up Blog: Zach's little attitude

In August last year, we went through this little bit with Zach where he suddenly picked up a phrase that Anita and I were just about ready to WRING out of him!

Alright, so, we don't know where he suddenly picked up this phrase from and the way he used it, but it quickly became something he would get in trouble for.

We would reply to a question like, "What are we having for dinner?" and then after Anita would tell him he would say, "I TOLD YOU....." which would be followed by whatever he wanted to say. Usually "I don't like that" or "I wanted to have...".

Talk about a signing your own marching orders though. Every time, we'd just ship him to his room.

Then, one day, around this same time frame, I was alone with the boys for dinner and I told Zach to do something he didn't want to do.. like finish eating or something.. to which he of course told me something else he wanted to eat instead or gave me some excuse about the food, etc. This is normal.

Well, I started cleaning the table and he still wasn't finishing his dinner and I said again, "Zach, finish eating your ..."

To which he replied, "Can you hear my voice?" and then, "I TOLD YOU.."

That's as far as he got before I ripped him up out of that chair...

It didn't take long to squash that little attitude. I'm sure it will come back again someday. After all... look at Anita :P


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