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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chuck E Cheese

We finally made our first plunge and went to Chuck E Cheese for the first time last night. It was just our family and we went as a special birthday "family" party for Conner. We made it 6 years without having to go to one :) Oh well...hehe.

It was actually a lot of fun. Amazingly enough, the food wasn't too bad and they actually had some good games. I was surprised that all of their games are only 1 token and they had a lot of the big ride/games that you sit in and drive and it moves you around. I don't think I know of an arcade anywhere where you can play those games for a quarter. From that perspective, it's actually very well priced. Of course, if you don't split a large 1-topping pizza and everyone orders something different, it is considerably more expensive than it could be. That's what we did.

Anyway.... we had fun. Conner and I ran around and tried all the cool games. His favorite was an After Burner game that you sat in a cockpit seat and it would lift and twist you from side to side while you flew through the sky in a dogfight.

On the way home, Zach was tired and got a little fussy and Conner was tired too you could tell. Conner was trying to lean back in his chair and "rest" while Zach started fussing and arguing with Anita. Anita and I had been talking to Zach for a few minutes trying to calm him down and make him understand that it was bedtime when we got home when all of a sudden Conner pipes in with, "I can't REST with all this COMMOTION!"


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