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Friday, January 11, 2008


Alright, the last post reminded me of something that happened awhile back that was funny but I had forgotten about it until now.

A month or so ago, our next door neighbor Caitlin watched the boys for us. I don't remember where we went, but we got home right around bedtime, so it wasn't too late. When we came in, the boys were wound up and running around and Anita immediately urged them to go to their rooms and get their pajamas on. Zach was first to go in his room and Conner was still out in the living room with us. We were standing there talking to Caitlin when suddenly Zach pops out of his room into the hallway without a stitch on and raises his hands in the air and yells, "NAKED!" all while he starts to do a little dance (the nekkid dance apparently). Conner of course finds this hysterical while mommy and daddy are a little more serious but share a chuckle with Caitlin.

We continue talking while Zach finishes putting on his pajamas in his room. The problem is that we didn't notice that Conner had disappeared. The next thing we now, Conner pops out of his room with nothing on but socks and yells "NAKED!" and also does a little 'nekkid dance' in the hallway.

O...M...G.... what is the DEAL with these two?


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