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Friday, January 11, 2008

When do boys become "guys"?

Alright, so I'm intrigued by the concept of genetically pre-conditioned behavior. I've long since been a member of the environmental influence directs behavior camp, but I'm starting to reevaluate some of my thoughts...

Okay, so, enough big words ... on to the story.

Last night, I'm giving the boys a bath and I find it fascinating how easily little boys are amused by butts, the noises produced in this area, and many other things related to anatomy.

First, when they both get in they are cold and they both huddle down under the faucet as the tub is filling up. Eventually Zach, who is in front, gets tired of Conner pushing into him and crowding his space so he complains and pushes him away. Conner obliges and moves to the back now that the tub is more full and the water is warm.

Sometime after that they are both horsing around and Zach is making some kind of funny noise in response to Conner making some kind of funny noise, and they are both laughing and carrying on. Then, Zach tackles Conner and gives him this weird side-hug around his neck. Conner tries to get away and is laughing and saying "eewwwwww" the whole time. I have to pull Zach off and remind him that we don't ever hug people when we're naked. Especially boys.

Next, I was washing the boys and even though I still wash Zach all over with a soapy washcloth to make sure he is clean everywhere, I have for probably a year or so now made Conner wash himself on his "front" and "bottom" and anywhere else he can reach. I first made Zach stand up in the back while I washed him. Then, I made them switch spots, and had Conner in the back so I could help him. So, I finish washing Conner's back and neck and the hard to reach spots and I hand him the washcloth. He washes himself just fine, but then when he gets done, what does he do with the washcloth? He spreads it out on his hand and jams it on Zach's head, covering his face! Yes, the washcloth he had just washed his bottom and genitals with ... without rinsing first. Of course, he laughs hysterically at this and Zach doesn't really understand what just happened because he wasn't paying attention.

I of course had to get on to Conner for doing this, but all the while I'm laughing inside and thinking, "WHEN did Conner become a 'guy'????"

The thing is... WHERE could he have learned this? Nowhere, that's the point! I don't do this kind of stuff.... at least not with my kids around.. or anymore. It's part of his genetic code I guess.

Then, when they get out of the tub and are supposed to be dressing, I catch Conner in the hall sticking his butt out and shaking it and saying, "bootie bootie bootie" while Zach laughs uproariously. Why is this SOOOOOOO funny? I just don't get it.


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