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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Captain Crooked Toe

This event took place two nights ago (Tuesday, Feb. 19th, 2008).

We ate dinner together as a family and then I had promised the boys that after dinner we would play Wii together. They were both really excited, especially Conner. We were going to play the previous night but at the last minute Conner got in trouble (for messing with the Wii without my permission after I told him not to mess with it until I was ready) and I took away video game priviledges for the night.

Well, we finished eating and cleaning up the table and then I went out to straighten up the den so we could sit out there and play. While I was out there, the boys were supposed to be cleaning the living room and doing whatever chores Anita asked them to do before they could play.

While I'm straightening up things in the den I hear this loud BANG and then I hear crying. It wasn't howling but it was definitely the crying of Conner when he's actually hurt. I went to the living room and he was in the floor holding his foot with Anita standing over trying to calm him down enough to find out what happened.

Eventually we calm him down enough to find out that he hit his toe on the door frame to Zach's room. He was running through the house and somehow managed to kick it.

It took at least 5 minutes to get him calm enough to let me actually look at the foot. The problem is that he's INCREDIBLY ticklish on his feet and he wouldn't let me touch them. I finally did and looked at his toe. It's the next to last toe on his left foot (ring toe as he called it - which seemed well thought out to me). It was a little swollen and red and it hurt when I touched it, but he wasn't screaming when I touched it or anything. Just the standard crying and the, "Stop! It tickles!"

Finally, I had him stand in front of me with his feet flat on the floor and I took a look at his toe in comparison to his other foot. On his right foot, the same toe runs down and then turns slightly in the direction of his big toe. On the banged up foot, his toe starting from the top joint was running toward his pinky toe, leaving an unnaturally wide gap between toe 3 and 4. I finally was able to run a finger down along it and compare it to the other foot and I was pretty sure he had broken it.

After we made the decision to take him to the emergency room, Anita went into the other room to change clothes and get clothes for him. He was sitting on the ground still sobbing and complaining and I heard him say, "Man! I'm losing my Wii TIME!" I had to laugh. Here he broke his toe and the worst thing he could think of was that he was missing out on getting to play Wii two nights in a row.

I felt bad for him so I dug out the gameboy advanced and let him take it to the hospital. It must have meant a lot because the next morning the first thing he told me was, "Dad, thanks for letting me take the Gameboy last night."

Anyway, Anita took him to the emergency room and when they got to see the nurse, the nurse asked, "Does it hurt really bad?" Conner replied, "No, not really."
Then she asked if she could look at his foot and touch it and he said, "Okay. Sure." Anita said he just sat there and let her mess with it, no problem.

They went ahead and did an X-ray anyway just to be safe. Well, good thing they did, because he broke his toe in 2 places!!

All they could do was tape it to the toe beside it and give him a "boot" to walk in - one of those open-toed velcro jobs that looks as dorky as it sounds.

So, now he's hobbling around (right, hobble and Conner don't go in the same sentence) the best he can. Rightly so though, I had to tell him to stop running at church last night several times. It's sure not slowing him down much.

Anita went ahead and pulled him out of Soccer for the spring though. I guess we won't be doing the Spring Soccer thing for either of them. We don't feel like having Zach in it if Conner isn't. Not at 3 anyway. It was fun in the fall, but we'd much rather have the weekends free during a very busy time of the year for Anita at work.

Sorry, back to the toe. The broken toe.

Well, when he came in the house from the hospital he came and showed me the boot device and gave me a hug. Then, after he went to get his pajamas on and came back to kiss me goodnight I looked at him and had to say the cliche dad thing, "So, are you going to run in the house anymore?" He just smirked and said, "No dad."


  • At 5:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Poor Guy. This sounds like a story that most definitely need a picture...of him in that boot.

    However, sounds about right for him to be more concerned about his gaming than his hurt toe.


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