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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Snow Day!

Well, we got a little bit of snow last night and after breakfast we all went out to play in it. As usual, they were calling for 4 inches and we got maybe an inch and a half and nothing was on the roads at all. By lunchtime the sun came out and it was gone everywhere that didn't have shade. Fortunately, we managed to get out and have a few snowball fights, use some trucks in the snow, make snow angels, and a giant snowball full of leaves....which turned into the worlds dirtiest snowman (or our version of one rather). Conner made the head by himself. All in all, we had a blast. Zach kept trying to eat the snow of course. We had to tell him stop every time we turned around.

So, Anita let the cats come outside, thinking this would be fun for them. We've done this before when there was a snow and watched their reactions. Last time, we were all outside when we did this and it went pretty well. This time, Anita, who is in the house without shoes or snow clothes of any kind just opens the door and lets the cats out. I, meanwhile, am trying to take pictures of the boys and have my camera in my hands. The boys are, of course, preoccupied and distracted. Neo runs one way, Morpheus runs the other and I'm yelling for Anita to get shoes on and get outside now! They both jump off the deck and go different dirctions. I bolted out one side and grabbed Neo; handing him to Conner. Then, I went to chase down Morpheus. He got a little, how do you say.... psycho. He got a little freaked out by the snow I guess and then once he got off the deck and under it he wasn't sure how to get back in the house. He ran from the backyard, back under the deck to the front..then he looked up and saw the window by the deck door and thought he'd try to jump in it. He leaped from the ground, hit the stuff on the window sill, slipped off, hit the propane tank sitting there and flopped to the ground. Then, he ran to the back door. Meanwhile, I'm trying to get to him and calm him down. He then ran by me back to make another try at the window again, with the same results. He landed and then I was finally able to grab him and take him inside.

We then continued playing and eventually Anita got ready and came out to join us. As she was putting her gloves on, it reminded me that I had gloves in my coat pocket and I pulled them out to put them on. As I'm putting the first one on I feel it is wet. I look down and notice yellow drops on it. "Ummmmm......What's that?" I say. I then look down and realize Morpheus, in his fearful state had peed all down the side of my coat, including into my pocket and all over my gloves. Yah, yuck. Thanks Morphman. Thank Mommy for scaring the pee out of you by putting you outside. Poor little guy.

Zach and Anita went inside after 30 minutes or so, then I stayed out for another 15-20 minutes, then Conner stayed outside for probably another 45 past that. I had to make him come inside at that point. Reminds me of someone.... hmm.. I wonder who else used to stay out all day in the snow? It's a shame it wasn't a better snow. If it had of been, I probably would have stayed out there with him! :)

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